Work With Me

Hedera House is a space of remembrance & reclamation. All offerings are a space for you to step within & discover your inherent truth, being & desires. To rebirth your life in your image, on your terms.

This is a place for you to repurpose your shame, your trauma, your fears into power, fuel, and medicine. To dive deeply into your shadows & hold hands with your demons.

Throughout all of my offerings you will be guided into harnessing the tools inherent within you to continue the process of healing far beyond our work together.

I fulfilled my role if you leave feeling not only inspired, lighter, and soul shifted…but deeply rooted in your knowing & wielding of the tools to heal yourself, realize within yourself, and create from within yourself. This is the space I aim to hold across the board.

I have an array of offerings across all price points to ensure that everyone with a desire has access to this powerful work. This work is for everyone of all genders, all creeds, all melanations, and the tools uncovered are waiting to be realized within all.

Schedule a complimentary Divinity Dive with me to connect, chat & share your visions with me!

Love Always,

Marisha Anana