Dakini: Awakening Your Sexual Priestess

Step into life in devotion

Reunite with the healing & pleasure fueled power of the body

Rise up as the medicine woman of your sacred temple

Learning powerful straightforward Tantric practices

To awaken the creative force inherent within you

This is a 6 week journey into the mysteries & wisdom of the Way of The Dakini

You will learn:

-Moon rituals

-Connecting to the elements within the body

-Self Yoni (pussy massage)

-Breast massage

-Womb massage

-Shadow work

-Connecting to your Goddess archetype

-Orgasmic expansion practices

-Devotional living

& so much more


We will meet over Zoom or in person (New Orleans) weekly for 90mins

This journey is $666 with optional 2 part payment plan

If this is calling to you, schedule a Divinity Dive & we’ll connect!