Virgin in the priestess lineages means a woman whole unto herself. A woman who owns herself. With Greek roots meaning ‘one unto herself’

Nothing to do with your pristine cleanliness, and innocence making you a ‘good woman’

I want to reclaim and re empower these words that have been convoluted under the experience of patriarchy.

Virgin is a major one for me. This word that in the modern program brings to mind visions of a nubile girl kept ‘pure’ so she can be of use and have value in the eyes of a potential husband.

Virgin has been a word used to instate our value, and respectability in a gentlemen’s society.

Returning to the roots, we find a complete flip of the coin.

Virgin as a description for a woman who is whole unto herself, who owns her body, who claims and names her own value. Even more who holds her own sexual power, and wields it as she desires.

It doesn’t mean she doesn’t have sex, rather she selects the expression of her sexuality. Her sexuality, body, and power is hers to wield.

This is a session exploring the patterns of resistance between you and your sovereignty. An exploration into what sovereignty looks like for you, and what must be shifted to step into that in your reality.

Utilizing neo tantric philosophy, cathartic release, and embodiment coaching. I offer this session in single sessions or small packages. For extended packages & sessions contact me, and we will discuss if this is a possibility.

75min session $260

3 session package $750

6 session package $1440

9 session package $1998

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