Uncovering Self Love Practice

This practice is for you to step into taking action to cultivate love with yourself. Below I’ve listed questions for you to take a journey into your own relationship to love with YOU. 

This is for you to sweep, and meet the places within that may be tightening at the thought of you walking down the path of self love. 

When I first answered the question ‘Am I lovable?’ 
My brain was like hell yea I’m lovable! But my body…IT was like skeerrr.

Hold on.

If we think we’re lovable….yes I speak of myself as a we. Anyways, if we think we’re lovable we must be crazy!

I discovered this part of me that believed that if my mother & father couldn’t love me, then I wasn’t lovable.

How could I be?
They’re the best judges, right. 

So if I believe I’m worthy of love, I’m literally crazy. Like deluded crazy. 

I took this lovely little piece of me in my arms and showed her that she was indeed just as legendary as we thought!

My system needed permission to think I was worthy of love, that I was something to love. I wouldn’t have ever ever thought this was a thing before I met it in myself. 

So as you answer these questions, don’t go through them as yes/no. Don’ go with your first knee jerk response. Do people still say that? Knee jerk? 

Set aside a place for you to really dig in. Close your eyes, take some deep breathes, and ask yourself each questions.

Feel into your body’s response to the questions, pay attention to any sensations, tightness, constriction, emotional responses, visions, thoughts. Anything that comes up. 

When you finish these questions, you are going to create a date night just for yourself. Pull out all the stops.

I personally love to take myself out to nice restaurants, and curl up in the corner with a book or writing poetry.

I used to depend on wealthy men to take me to these places. I would keep a list of places I wanted to try in whichever city I was in. So taking myself out just feels so special and soothing to that part of me. 

How can you deeply gift, nourish, soothe you. Tune into the dream partner within you (In the questions below), what is the dream date you see this partner gifting you with?

This practice is so delicious, the creation of the dream partner has been such a powerful practice in my own life. Constantly discovering more expansive ways for them to support me. I can’t wait to hear how this unfolds for you!

  • Are you lovable? Why or why not.
  • What do you experience from others that let’s you know that you are loved?
  • How does it feel to be totally loved by someone you are sexually attracted to?
  • Imagine your dream partner approaching you with unconditional love. How does that make you feel inside?
  • What would you life be like to be so fully loved & nourished by this partner? Close your eyes & imagine this in all 5 of your senses. To have this dream partnership.
  • Where does this reality exist in your body. If this stops you up, if you could house this dream partner in any part of your body or energy system. Where would it be. When you think of this experience of your dream partnership what part of you relates with this?
  • If you welcomed this partnership into your life right now, constantly flowing from the place you housed your partner within you. How would you love yourself?
  • What actions can you take to show yourself that you are worthy of this unconditional love?
  • What actions show that love to yourself?
  • If anything what holds you back from fully loving yourself at this level?
  • Take a moment to list all of the things you love about yourself. It can start out silly and superficial. Allow yourself to follow the breadcrumbs. What do you love about you physically, emotionally, spiritually. How you handle life, how you look, what you have achieved, what you’re capable of. Celebrate you.