First I’d like to say thank you again and again for making this an easy process. I couldn’t be more happy I made this step to better my whole life.

Sometimes in life we lose our confidence for one reason or another but YOU have helped me regain and refocus all that energy. I would recommend you to anybody I thought needed some kind of help.

I’ve got so much more than what I actually came for. You’ve helped me discover this king, this lion that I think I as a man am meant to be. I honestly don’t think there’s anyone you can’t help.

It’s very easy to see that you love what you do and that you want to help people become who they are truly meant to be. I plan on coming back to you in the future just to make sure everything is ok. Much love to you for helping me.

~AW New Orleans

I was weirded out about whole spiritual thing but Marisha made me completely relaxed, and explained how everything worked in detail. I felt connected, and relaxed. I came into town to visit, and whenever I need a nice spiritual release to get grounded I can call. I love that I don’t have to fly to Cali to get the experience all over again.¬†

-Shneshia J

This was the most amazing experience I ever had in my life. Marisha explained everything to before we started which made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. She took my body on a journey that I never knew it could reach. My mind,body and soul was so relaxed and pleased the I didn’t even wont to move. I definitely will do it again. Thank you.

-Tina C.

Marisha of Hedera House guided me through a transformative journey into my subconscious. I uncovered emotions and truths long hidden. I was immediately lighter, happier and clearer-ready to show up for life renewed. I look forward to my next appointment and highly recommend her services.

-Tiffany S.

This was my 1st reiki experience & wow, such amazing energy right from Marisha’s greeting! Engaging all senses, the energy in her space is definitely a sacred one. From the incense, to the music, to the warmth of the whole experience. She takes her time to really FEEL what your body is communicating & then even gives a specific meditation that’s focused on the area of healing. Definitely all love from (& for) Enraptured Reiki¬† ***Edited By Marisha: Enraptured Reiki is a previous service I provided***

-Richard B.