Self Pleasure Is Healing

These are two practices that can be practiced on their own or merged together.

Practice I

This practice is for pleasure expansion, releasing old patterns of trauma & conditioning, releasing old energies of lovers, and activating your pussy palace.

Create a space where you can sound, meaning cry, scream, laugh, whatever. Give yourself space where you can go all the way if need be. I like to have pillows on either side of me to put under my knees for support while my legs are spread. Get yourself some oil, light candles, set up some music, have something to drink beside you. No alcohol.

You won’t need toys for this process, though as you make it your own in the future you may want to add them in your way. Though for this first practice, leave them out.

It may be really lovely to have a mirror handy, or even a speculum. Developing a full sensory connection with your pussy creates surrender in your system. It relaxes your muscles, it releases tension, and activates pleasure in places it wasn’t before. 

A word on tension. So many places that hold tension in our entire body is really old stagnant trapped energy, patterns and trauma. 

With your lovely nourishing sensuous space set up. Laying on your back take a moment to settle into your body. You can sink into an intention for this practice. Maybe you would like to activate more capacity for pleasure, to develop a healthy relationship with your pussy, to release a lover or to begin a release process of long held trauma. Or maybe today you just want to explore yourself in a way you never have. 

Breathe this intention into your body, breathe this intention into your genitals. Into your hands as they explore and de armor and awaken along your body. 

Slowly begin to explore your entire body. Head to toe. Touching, caressing, ,massaging, tickling, pressing. Run your fingers through your hair, caress your lips, your eyelids. Play with your nipples, experiment with different sensations on your breasts. Feel your body, close your eyes. Watch your fingers explore your flesh. Feel into any movement naturally awakening. Allow any sound, or sighs to sing through you. 

Se how surrendered, how mindless, how completely and mindlessly present you can become with yourself. 

Any thoughts, judgements, stories that inevitably come up. Imagine stroking it around your body, caressing your shadows, and self criticisms with the same seduction. 

Slowly make your way down to your pussy. 

You’re going to practice a slow pressure point massage on yourself. At each point sounding any sound that comes up, allowing any emotions that come up to wash over you, any movement that comes up to move through you. Staying at each point until you feel pleasure, or until you feel a type of release or ease. I feel like I can be more clear here. By ease or release I mean after any emotional, movement or sound release there will come an end. A type of stillness will come, it may ever feel like an empty space. Like a tense muscle, released. 

1: Place a hand over your entire pussy. Apply a bit of pressure, and use breath there. Feeling the support supplies by your hand, in this part of your body that is so often bartered, forgotten, used, and ignored. Today you are providing support, a deep listening, discovery, and partnership. In addition to a boundless capacity for pleasure. 

2: Slowly bring your pointer and your middle finger to the point just above your clitoris. Applying a bit of pressure. Staying here, directing your breath into this point. 

3: Slowly move your fingers apart. Placing your pointer finger on one side of your clitoris, and your middle finger on the other side. Placing a bit of pressure, directing your breath here. 

4: Moving your pointer finger and your middle finger back together. Follow your labia to the entrance of your vagina. Apply pressure here. 

5: Slowly move your fingers to the other side of your vaginal opening on your perineum. Applying pressure, and allowing any sensations and emotions to be expressed. 

6: Transition both of your hands, places your fingers on the left and right side of your vaginal opening. Massage into this entire area. Changing between holding pressure, massaging, and light touch. Feel into what your body needs. I experience release from holding pressure. 

7: Next you transition to your vaginal canal. Before you enter, ask your pussy if you can enter. Place your finger on the entrance to your vagina, ask, and slowly breathe your middle finger in to your first knuckle. Apply a bit of pressure and breathe here. Asking for permission can feel so cheesy…I know. Think of all the times though that you’ve been entered before you were ready, when you really didn’t want it, against you will. Think of asking permission like reseeding an over harvested forest. 

8: Move your finger slowly to the center of your g spot. You g spot is that fleshy spot about a knuckle and a half to two knuckles in, it’s been compared to the roof of the mouth. Apply pressure. 

9: Now move in a slow clockwise motion around your g spot. Stopping in any place that is calling your attention or feeling sensitive. Don’y shy away from any pain or sensitive spots. Stay here and breathe into whats behind this pain, and sensitivity. 

10: Slowly move in a counter clockwise motion, doing the same. 

11: Transition up to your cervix. This is going to feel like a firm, completely smooth nub as far as your vagina canal goes. You may need to move around to get up there. When you get into a comfortable position, apply pressure and feel into this point. Stay here longer than you held at any other point. 

12: Slowly move in a clockwise motion.

13: Slowly move in a counter clockwise motion.

14: Move your finger along the walls of your vagina, feeling for any tension, tenderness, pleasure, any sensation that calls your attention. Explore this space, stay in this space, ask this place that has conjured such mystery, and controversy in this world what it has to reveal to you today. How you can honor this place within you. This space that has caused entire civilizations to rise and fall, that can literally usher in new life, this place that is held within you. 

15: Finish wth holding yourself, pleasuring yourself. Do what feels good and most nourishing to you now. 

Practice II

This practice is for trauma, patterns & conditioning that you are ready to transform, and deep held wounding. 

1: You are going to begin much the same as the other practice or as a continuation to the other practice. Forming your intention on what you would like to transform. 

2: As you sink into this, feel into where what you are transforming lives in your body. When you begin to feel the way this pattern shows up in your life, how you feel, what it’s caused in your life, tune into where in your body all of this is radiating from. Is there a tightness in your heart, is your stomach flipping, does your back start to hurt, is your head spinning out and leaving the process? I want to take a note on your head, if you are getting a strong sensation in your head like you will pass out, fall asleep, or just go to another place. As much as you can stay here and use this as the place for the rest of the practice. Though also taking note that if as you get further on in the practice a place in your body starts to act up. You are coming into your body, and your system is ready to reveal where it lives. Shift your focus slowly to this place. If nothing in your body reacts, stay with this space in your mind, and practice this again and again as you will regardless. As you continue the practices just stay present to your body slowly revealing the point within your body. With deeply held wounds and trauma you system needs to trust that it will be safe opening and revealing this place, it was hurt. So while you only have intention to help and mend, that part of your body wants to make sure you’re safe and it’s doing it’s job. So have patience, and give thanks to yourself for showing up.

3: When you have a point of focus. Begin to direct your inhale into your cervix, and your exhale into the point of focus. 

4: Begin to slowly pleasure yourself. Caressing your entire body, seducing yourself. Fantasizing about the release and expansion that will come from transforming this wound. Move your body in celebration of this transformation. As you work yourself into pleasure always continue the inhale into the cervix and exhale into the point of focus. 

5: As your pleasure rises visualize the energy of your turn on gathering in your cervix, and as you exhale bringing this energy into the point of focus. 

6: Don’t rush for an orgasm. The longer you continue this circuit the more concentrated this energy becomes, the more clarified your intent for your system becomes. 

7: When you do orgasm. Inhale into your cervix as you begin to peak, and powerfully exhale into the point of focus as you orgasm. Continue this circuit from cervix to point of focus through your entire orgasm. As you lay in the after glow of your orgasm begin to inhale into the point of focus and exhale through the pores of your skin. Lay in this energy for a few minutes, breathing this new circuit.

8: Slowly rise into movement. Begin to dance and move your body. Visualizing stripping yourself of what no longer serves you within this point of focus. Allow yourself to move, spit, gag, scream, stomp, punch, shout. Whatever comes forward. Visualizing the muck oozing our of your pores and being danced and moved off of you, as the point of focus transforms and utilizes this wound into power. 

Dedicate a period of time to this practice. 1-3x a week for a couple months and journal what comes up and what shifts for you. Go further as needed. This is a potent practice for release, and can lead to intense emotions coming to the surface. So care for yourself, nurture yourself. Give yourself the space needed to transform into the new narrative of power.