Sacred Body

Pleasure as a gateway to healing

Being completely enveloped in your senses

As you are carried through the deepest parts of yourself

To uncover the light

The power

The harmony

Waiting to be unlocked within

For the sister longing to reunite with her sensual expression

To hold her inner child & re establish healthy boundaries

Journey through sexual shame & re instate innocent play

Step into a safe space where you are free to explore & express your desires

Sacred body is potently designed for you if you have experienced or are exploring:

-Sexual Trauma 

-Sexual Shaming 

-Feminine Disempowerment 

-Being Born a Woman On Earth

-Being born a Woman on Earth in a Man’s Body

-Identity In Sexual Orientation 

-Low Sex Drive Or Little Sensation 

-Heightened Orgasmic Experience 


This is a 3 session sensual body healing ceremony for women based in the Tantras & sacred sexuality


Journeying through the world of the heart

Inner Child




Entering into the sexual center in the pussy 



Sexual shadow


Coming into integration in the womb space

Rewriting the sexual story 

Relationship to power

Relationship to your feminine archetype

I work with a blend of hands on healing, guided meditation, cathartic movement, & coaching

Connect with me on a call & share your journey and desires with me!