Reunion is a coming home, and remembering of your true nature

A fearless meeting of the full spectrum that is you

An exploration into all of the parts of you that contribute to your life experience

You will uncover your inherent ability to resource all of the love that you crave

From within

To lead yourself in the direction that serves your highest vision

Reunion is a journey of stepping up as your own savior

Of stepping out of the shadows


Through the pyre

Becoming your own fierce protector

Your own soulmate

Shining your unique expression out into the world

Offering the one of a kind medicine that you carry into the world


Reunion is a marriage of the self

An initiation into the temple of YOU

This is a journey of becoming the high priestess of your life

Unapologetically taking the reigns of your experience & directing it to wherever the fuck serves your greatest good

Why accept anything less?


You’ve served everyone else but yourself

Has it gotten you to the destination of your dreams?

It’s time to shift the trajectory

Imagine if stepping into service to yourself not only served the few…

But the many

Imagine if being in alignment with yourself

Being in POWER

Was the greatest service you could offer the world

You aren’t alive to be a martyr my love

You are here to set the world on fire


You are the only one who carries this flame


This is a 12 week journey of decent into the self

You will be shedding the stories inherited from your ancestors

From your parents

Stripping the stories that society clothed over your light

Entering the gateway of the subconscious

Entering the underworld of the self

Uncovering & meeting the parts of you craving to be seen

To be loved

To be heard

You will be embarking on a quest within the deepest parts of yourself

Meeting & playing with your inner dragons & demons

We’re going full Harry Potter…Hee hee…Just kidding…Kind of…

To uncover the over flowing chalice waiting to reunite you with the truth of yourself

You will rise from the underworld carrying this newly rediscovered fount

Reuniting the eyes within & the eyes without to re envision your life experience

Beginning to shift the outer experience to be in harmony with the reborn inner reality

This is a deeply intimate & profound journey of rediscovery of yourself

Of realignment & integration

Initiation & realization

This journey is the oldest journey

Whispered throughout the ages

Seen by those who see

The journey home…


At the end of this journey you will have a toolbox of self healing practices, rituals, and meditations to continue to honor, and discover yourself. This journey does not end in 12 weeks. The 12 weeks is a gateway to the journey through the rest of your life & you are so welcome to it.


A taste of the tools you will gain:

Connected breath techniques to shift & integrate stagnant patterns in the physical, emotional & energetic body

Heart connecting practices

Meditation instruction tailored to you

Cathartic movement practices for continued self healing & body consciousness

Self pleasure rituals

Sex magic practice

Self Breast Massage

Self Yoni massage

Self Womb massage

Connection to spirit guides

Connection to ancestors

Full marriage & initiation ceremony

Ritual instruction

& so much more!


Does this sing to your heart?

Do you feel a longing deep within you as you read these words?

Fill out an application to schedule a free 60 min session with me. We will explore & discover if this journey is right for you!


Sending you so much love on this epic crazy wild ride of life!

Marisa Anana