Hor: A Rite Of Renewal

“Marisha of Hedera House guided me through a transformative journey into my subconscious. I uncovered emotions and truths long hidden. I was immediately lighter, happier and clearer-ready to show up for life renewed. I look forward to my next appointment and highly recommend her services.”
-Tiffany S. Musings Consulting Firm, New Orleans

Step into the temple of

old…Where wisdom is

whispered in the dance

& medicine inhaled
through song…

This is a ceremony of closure.

A circle of renewal.

This rite is for you to step from the bondage of before, offer it to the pyre & step into your life renewed.

This is a facelift for the spirit, and a deep cleaning of the body temple. ​​​​​

Unveiling the petals that are ready to fall to the ground & feed the new growth.

Reclaiming the power & wisdom within the shadows of the self.

Carrying this new found treasure into a sacred vow to step into the new. Rising in dance, song & celebration.​​


This ceremony is a deep transformation through breath work, medicine song, cathartic release & guided journey into the forgotten pieces of your soul.

Hor is a discovery of the full spectrum being that you are, supporting you in creating a thriving life that nourishes all that you are.

If you feel this pulsing through your heart, contact me with questions, or book directly by following the link below


2hr ceremony – $333

3 package $900

6 package $1680

9 package $2250

Ceremonies can be weekly or bi weekly. Each package is followed up with email support, and optional post support coaching call –

Follow up Coaching call: 30mins $111 or 60mins $222

Love always,

Marisha An

Contact me directly for available spaces-

Email: marisha@hedera.house