Hor: A Rite Of Renewal

“Marisha of Hedera House guided me through a transformative journey into my subconscious. I uncovered emotions and truths long hidden. I was immediately lighter, happier and clearer-ready to show up for life renewed. I look forward to my next appointment and highly recommend her services.”
-Tiffany S. Musings Consulting Firm, New Orleans

Step into the temple of

old…Where wisdom is

whispered in the dance

& medicine inhaled
through song…

Step into a ceremony of closure.

A circle of renewal.

This rite is for you to step from the bondage of before, offer it to the pyre & step into your life renewed.

This is a facelift for the spirit, and a deep cleaning of the body temple. ​​​​​

You will be carried through an unveiling ceremony releasing the petals that are ready to fall to the ground & feed the new growth.

Stepping into a cleansing ritual, and guided into a meditative state to reclaim the power & wisdom within the shadows of the self.

Carrying this new found treasure into a sacred vow to step into the new. This ceremony ends with dance, song and celebration.​​


This is a ceremony held by the sisters of yesterday, passed down by grandmothers stepping throughout the ages.

This is the medicine of the sacred feminine, the great mother. Pulsing in song, trance, and dance.

Speaking remembrance & transformation through the subtle current flowing through the body temple, through the subconscious.

This is a space of transformation with no detail overlooked & a full immersion into the senses. You will be carried into remembrance of your divinity as it manifests through you.​​​​​​​​​​

If you’re feeling the call of your spirit, connect with me in a free Divinity Dive call. Share in sacred space what is transitioning within you and what is calling to come alive.


​​​​​​​It is an honor to embark on this journey with you

Love always,

Marisha Anana