Ready to step into your power?

Your power as a lover.

Your power as a partner.

Your power ignited across your entire life.

Are you ready to awaken the sensual fires within?

To shift into the unique one of a kind modern day warrior that’s held within you?

Join me for –

Sensual Renegade: 6 Weeks of Soul Shifting Your Sexual Narrative

A journey of awakening your sensual power. Following the spiral path of the creative force within. You are guided into the unspoken desires, fears, and shadows of your sexual expression.

We peel back the layers of conditioning around your primal self, your intimate being, and unique emotional expression. Uncovering the core essence of your individual being. Beyond what your family, society, the world has told you that you need to be. Each journey is tailored to your individual needs.

This experience is for you if you are seeking:

-To uncover the greatest lover within you

-To be a more present lover

-To integrate sexual shame & insecurity 

-Deeply transformative & soul connecting Tantric practices 

-To heighten &/or control orgasmic experience 

-To listen to your lover 

-Harmonic expression of your fantasies & desires

-Reunion with the primal – warrior self 

-Heal & integrate relationship wounds

& so much more 


I utilize healing tools such as:

Inner child work

Mother & Father dynamics

Cathartic movement exercises

Primal expression exercises

Neo Tantra massage

Guided meditation & induced trance

Neo Tantric practices 

Breath work


I offer sessions in person or over Zoom video. Check my sidebar for an updated travel schedule. These sessions go deep into rebalancing the mind, body & spirit. Uncovering the unconscious patterns alive just below the surface. Celebrating the unique expression that you carry, and uncovering your core nature. So you can walk embodied & in balance with who you are. Rather than what you were told to be – As a man, as a father, as a lover. This is about coming home to your inner compass, and magnetizing life in harmony with who you really are.

If this is calling to you schedule a Divinity Dive with me. This is a complimentary 60 min deep dive into your desires, hopes, and intention in working with me. We will connect & see if we are the right fit!