Enter into a temple of feminine medicine. A house of nurture, where you are fully seen in all that you are. Fully able to express, and share in all that you are. You are welcome here.

I offer healing & awakening journeys to deepen the connection to your primal wild self. The grounded knowing warrior within.


This experience is for you if you are seeking:

-To uncover the greatest lover within you

-To be a more present lover

-To integrate sexual shame & insecurity 

-Deeply transformative & soul connecting Tantric practices 

-To heighten &/or control orgasmic experience 

-To listen to your lover 

-Harmonic expression of your fantasies & desires

-Reunion with the warrior self 

& so much more 


I offer:

Coaching journeys in 6, 9 & 12 weekly session packages tailored to you, and your needs. I offer sessions in person or over Zoom video. Check my sidebar for an updated travel schedule. These sessions go deep into rebalancing the mind, body & spirit. Uncovering the unconscious patterns alive just below the surface. Celebrating the unique expression that you carry, and uncovering your core nature. So you can walk embodied & in balance with who you are. Rather than what you were told to be – As a man, as a father, as a lover. This is about coming home to your inner compass, and magnetizing life in harmony with who you really are.

If this is calling to you schedule a Divinity Dive with me. This is a complimentary 60 min deep dive into your desires, hopes, and intention in working with me. We will connect & see if I am the right fit for you!