Invocations Of Love

This is a three part practice


First you are going to begin with a creative writing exercise. The focus of this exercise is on 

What Does Self Love Mean To You?

What does it mean to you, what does it look like as a lifestyle, what does it feel like to love yourself.

How are these ideals already a part of your life, and where is there space for growth and transformation?

What steps can you take right now, this week, and in your lifestyle as a whole to welcome these ideals as a life practice?


Next you’re going to write a prayer, or love poem to yourself. You’re going to pour love, celebrating, reverence & devotion into yourself. 

First you’re going to set up a sacred space. By sacred I mean whatever you connect with and deem sacred.

This could be a bottle of wine and Marvin Gaye, it could also mean clearing your temple space lighting candles and burning herbs.

Whatever gets you there. You can call on your ancestors, angels, and guides that you work with. As well as the face of the Goddess that you connect with to support you in this invocation of self love.

Returning to the writing exercise of

‘What does self love mean to you?’

Feeling into the ideals that you conjured from within you. Dancing your words into the vow of love you wish to gift yourself. What is beautiful, and so worthy within yourself.

This may feel like such a challenge.

It can be helpful to start with one small celebration of yourself from the day.

The fact that you’re showing up, and reading this is a celebration.

That you have set up a sacred space for yourself to awaken self love is a powerful action in the direction of self service.

What has brought you to this place that doing this activity is vital for you? This is an honoring of you and all that you are. 


Finally you are going to choose one sentence, one statement that encapsulates the love you wish to gift and inspire within yourself. With yourself. It can be…

“I love you.”

“I honor myself first”

“I am worthy of love”

“To give to others I must first be full within myself”

These are examples, and inspirations. I challenge you to discover a statement that vibrates and hums with the vow of love you wish to bring forth.

This week you are going to write it somewhere you will see when you wake up, throughout the day and before you go to bed.

Maybe your bathroom mirror, an alarm on your phone, and beside your bed. You choose…

You are also going to speak this mantra to yourself throughout the day. This is where phone alarms come in so handy!

Speak this to yourself not because I’m telling you to, but because you chose a mantra that digs deep and takes root within your cells! Say it because, why would you not say it?! 

Enjoy this practice, and know that I’m doing this right along with you. We’re all on our paths together, all awakening to our full expression and creating lives of sovereignty together.

When we all stand together the Earth herself dances on her axis. 

I love you,