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There’s enough bullshit in the world. There are enough spaces for us to continue to turn away from the truth of our spirit, and step in line. In another dogma, in another framework, in another program of internal and external conditions

We’ve experienced this already, from the moment we’re born we’re supported in retaining the conditions and programs of life in whichever channel of society we find ourselves

For the average person of this world, at no point are our unique ideals fostered to the surface

What would life look like, and feel like, and be consumed with if it were just up to you and your spirit?

What the fuck does that even mean?!

Maybe you know what you want it to mean, but have no idea how to even access this

HOR is a journey to your spirit, the essence within you that you’ve met through moments of intuition, through moments of inspiration

This is a journey reconnecting your birthright of everlasting connection to this place of knowing, creativity, and daring within you

The place within you that stands for itself, that creates it’s own systems, and invites you to live by the beat of your own drum

This 3 part journey begins in the realms of the womb, the realms of your creative power- The space of release and reclamation both energetically and physically alive within the body. In the realms of the womb that which is ripe for release is given thanks and surrendered, as death is honor a new seed is able to be grasped and nurtured throughout the duration of the journey

In The second session you are supported as you plant this seed deep within your roots, to be fertilized and connected into form. You will be held through your primal, and pleasure centers to ignite the flame of life within this new seed

Your third and final session with be a journey into the heart, as your new seed sprouts into form and begins to inspire new pathways and realization in your life

This journey is deeply intensive and transformative

If it calls to you, you are so welcome. Email me, to begin

This is a 3 part journey over 3-6 weeks depending on your needs for integration

$999 USD

Available in person, or virtually over video conferencing

Email: anmasheba@gmail.com