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There are so many things that are holding us back from making the moves that serve our greatest health, well being and life experience.

Both real & imagined.

Organic food prices are rising everyday, while median income stays stagnant.

Access to yoga classes, gyms, and self improvement tools seem as if they’re specifically made to serve those that hold the greatest privilege.

Which from where I stand, plants a little seed in the collective psyche saying self improvement is a privilege. Health is a privilege. Living my best life is a privilege.

This is complete bullshit.


It is your right to have access to mediums that catalyze you to embody your greatest capacity.

Know this. It is your inherent right.

So in that long winded light, I am going to fill this page with free resources for you to uncover your highest capacities, to dive into the wisdom inherent within you, and the power waiting to be wielded.

So much love,

Marisha An

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