Inner Knowing


Inner Knowing sessions are a pow wow between you & your realization of your innate wisdom. With myself as the catalyst to that wisdom being recognized.

I utilize all the jewels in my tool belt to enable you to realize your desire in our work together.

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I’m not here to give you answers. You already have them. I’m here to present guide posts, and little pokes and prods that turn and twist you into the great pool of wisdom waiting for you to stumble upon it. I’m the Cheshire cat in the forest ;). Lasting and powerful shifts come from the journey itself, more than the finish line. What we bring over that finish line are all the experiences and realizations we collected along the way, that we carry with us forever shifted.

Cheshire Cat By CaitlinHacket

Each session is an hour to an hour and a half, and tailored to you. I bring the following tools & tricks:


-Guided Meditation

-Sound Healing

-Journey Work

-Embodiment Practices

-Neo Tantric Coaching


-Meditations & Practices to continue your self work


I provide sessions:

In Person



Sending you so much love wherever you are!

Marisha Anana