That space between the inhale & the exhale

So often overlooked

So easily forgotten

That space expanding across creation

Holding the answers to questions so seldom sought

Yet so completely longed for & craved by the parts of ourselves that we run from

The mindless places

The space just before the release into orgasm

Before we clench down on ourselves


Tighten our bodies

Forcing the delightful nectar of pleasure to clunk & push through in a terrifying event

Ekstasis is a journey into the mindless

Entering into states of trance through




Guided Meditation

You are able to meet & alchemize long held records



Stagnant energies in the body

We take the road of ecstasy into the depths of the self

Using pleasure to initiate the spaces of pain within


Ekstasis is a 6 session journey over 6 weeks

If this experience calls to you head over to my booking page & schedule a free 20 min intro call

I like to speak & connect to everyone I work with before we get started

So we can get a feel for each other, and lay your desires out before we embark through this work together

6 Sessions $798

In person:

Join me at my temple in New Orleans or  we can create a temple together over Zoom video


Lovin you,

Marisha Anana