Reunion: 12 Weeks Of Empowered Self Creation

Are you longing to rebirth yourself in your own image?

To step up as the revolutionary of your own life?

Listen to the call alive deep within your heart.

What do you hear?

Reunion is a 12 week fully immersive journey of unfolding your visions into reality. 

Shinning the light in the shadows, and reclaiming your super powers.

You will be deeply supported as you step up as your greatest lover, partner, parent and friend. You will create a firmly rooted foundation of support self sourced from within. 

Utilizing Potent Embodiment Practices…

Using powerful breath practices to clear stagnant patterns in the body

Clarifying your desires & visions

Sex Magic practice to conceive your visions & desires

Awakening the body as a pleasure power house

Freeing the expression of your spirit…

Primal sounding- Getting in touch with the wild one within

Creation of vows, spells & rituals to empower the spirit in the material

Inner child & Mother/Father integration practices

Inner divine feminine & masculine union

Expansion in the body through movement…

 Self pleasure rituals- Awakening love & deep relationship to the body

Self marriage ceremony

Dance meditation

Guided meditation & trance to retrieve lost parts of self

& sooooo much more…

Marisha has such a beautiful, gentle and strong presence and has this gift of putting exactly what you need to hear into the most poetic words. She is intuitive and loving and holds space incredibly well – she truly
​​​​​​​embodies healing. I highly recommend working with her.

-Demetra Nyx, Men’s Coach

“This was the most amazing experience I ever had in my life. Marisha explained everything to before we started which made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. She took my body on a journey that I never knew it could reach. My mind, body and soul were so relaxed and pleased that I didn’t even want to move. I definitely will do it again. Thank you.”
-Tina C. New Orleans, LA

This is a course format journey with a weekly coaching call.

You will receive:

-Video practices

-Guided meditations

-Journal practices


Each week in addition to a weekly 60min coaching call to support your transformation along the way.

You will have access to the course content for life, to continue this life long dedication to yourself.

If your spirit is lighting up & so ready for this journey I want to connect with you. Schedule a call with me HERE

​​​​​​Raining wild ecstatic love into your life,
Marisha Anana