Desire Journey

This practice is so much fun & there’s a lot of it!

Today you get to fantasize about your wildest desires…with a twist. While fantasizing is oh so lovely. We’re going to fantasize with purpose. Lol I never thought I would say that, but I DID! Muahaha.


Part I

Set up your meditation space, with no disturbance. Ask yourself

“What do I desire”

Allow yourself to drift off into a daydream of what you desire in your life, your body, your mind, your spirit, your bank account.

As your day dream forms, begin to imagine a day in your ideal life. A day where all of your deepest desires are realized. Look around.

-What do you see that lets you know that you have realized your wildest desires?

-What do you feel that lets you know?

-What do you hear that lets you know?

-What do you smell that lets you know?

-What do you taste that lets you know?

Really stretch yourself into each sense. Really become in this reality.

Part II

We all have desires, our entire world is manifested desire. What you’re going to explore this week are the foundations of consciously birthing your desires.

Choosing one desire to focus on over the remainder of this course. Just like a growing child in your womb you’re going to nurture your desire, prepare your outer environment for it’s birth, and clear your body of any resistance (toxic elements to the babe).

-Choose 3 actions you can take in the direction of this desire this week?

-What needs to shift in your life, world & environment to make space for you desire?

-What aspects of your lifestyle are not supportive to your desire’s arrival?

-How bad do you want this desire?

Just like you childproof the house, and censor the neighbors before a baby’s born…at least that’s what I’ve heard. Clear, and cleanse your life(style) to welcome your desire.

Part III

Journey into the house of the Creatrix

This practice is so so amazing for cultivating the soils within us, to ensure that we have fertile ground ripe for seeding with our ever expanding visions…

That sounds a bit woohoo.

So to ground it down.

This practice is a journey into your womb space. That place inside of us that is already beyond amazing and magical creating babies!

To make matter even more delicious…

It’s also fully able to birth our visions and desires!!!!

The womb is a gateway between spirit & the ‘physical’.

Ideas or visions are spirits (a type of pure energy) before they are manifested into our lives.

So in this journey you will be learning a simple process to clear, and charge this gateway within you so your visions that come through the gateway into form…Come through clear.

Think of it as preventative measures for still births, deformities, or disabilities.

In nourishing your visions and desires into form they are literally recalibrating your frequency to resonate in tune with the being & embodiment of your desires realized.

This is why the 5 senses practice that you did in part I.

Personally this practice has also been a door that enabled me to develop a deep relationship with my own feminine power, and remembrance of the mysteries held here. If this interests you, then I totally recommend using this practice to journey into your womb space, just to explore and uncover the eternal wisdom held here.


Set up a meditation space

I use drum music or didgeridoo to really get me anchored in…

Here’s a link with no ads, I by no means vouch for this link, it’s integrity, nor do I know or represent the creators. Use if you desire: Drums

Set your intention

Inhale through your nose and exhaling through your mouth

Directing your inhale into your womb

Visualizing your exhale expanding your presence in the womb space

Begin to visualize yourself in a vast dark space

As if you are standing in the deepest void of space

Feel yourself here

Witness any emotions that come up

How do you feel in this vast darkness?

If you have anxiety, or fear arise around the darkness

Breathe into the emotions

Allowing them to sound with your exhale

To move with your exhale

Continue this release practice until you feel a type of stillness or peace in this expanse

Begin to visualize a vast creative space take form within this great void

Maybe you create an art studio, a kitchen, I personally have a great garden to plant all my new seeds

What type of creative space feels natural to you

Visualize every details of this space

Create a safe haven a home in this space

This place of endless creative power and potential within you

Take note of any parts of the space are dusty

Maybe there is resistance seeing it clearly

Each time using your breath as a power tools to anchoring this piece in more clarity

To cleansing this part of your womb space

Whatever you creative medium in this space, when you feel clear here begin to form your vision here

If an art studio paint the image of your desire realized

If a garden hold a seed in your hands and charge the seed with the 5 senses reality of your desire and plant it deep within the soils

When you’ve created your desire in this space, charge it with your breath

Inhale fresh oxygen into the creation and exhale expanding and anchoring it into utero.

Stay here as long as you want

If you want to explore more or build your womb relationship

Visualize exploring the creative space your created, ask this space questions, explore the outer reaches beyond the space you created

Have fun with it!