Divine Union

This is a 6 week feast of the senses for the couple that desires to traverse new depths within their sensual experience & intimate connection

To powerfully connect in body


& heart


Merging ancient Tantric practices with modern intimacy

This is an experience that will rekindle the flame, or blaze the fires


You will learn:

-Breath work

-Orgasm heightening exercises

-Ejaculatory control

-Energy orgasm practices

-Intimacy & trust building practices

-Ritual practices (Optional)

-Shadow Play & Dark Desires


-Tantra massage for her & him:

Sacred spot massage 

Yoni massage (pussy)

Lingham massage (penis)

-Energetic connection practices

& more

Schedule a Divinity Dive to connect & share your desires with me

Both of you are required to be on the call


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