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Enchanted Herbs  

Enchanted herbs are herb sachets that have been blessed, and created in union with the cycles of the moon to hold a specific intention. These herbs work in harmony to gift you with the intention that is held within each bag. 

Each sachet comes with a unique incantation dictated by the herbs of the batch & a stamp of the moon cycle it was created with.

Envelope – Self Love & Pleasure Journey

-Burn This

-Carry This

Aphrodisia – Turn Up The Sensuous Vibes

-Burn this


Trance – Deep Meditation & Divination

-Burn this


Egun – Ancestral Connection & Empowerment

-Burn this

-Carry this

-Place under pillow


Cleanse – Clear Energy & Release Attachments


-Carry This

Intro Price

$8 Each

5 for $25

All orders & inquiries being taken by email only at this time.


Honey Beads

Honey beads are made by order waist beads. These aren’t just waist beads. You tell me what vibes you want hanging around your womb space. I design, and charge your beads full of medicine ready for you to seed this intent around your power center. I work around the moon cycles, so orders can take up to 30 days. I promise you it’s well worth it!


Contact me for exact pricing.