Rising Of A Lost Girl

Almost exactly 6 years ago I left my first husband, and my life in Ireland. A life that I thought was forever. With a man that I had no doubt that I was going to grow old with. I was in year two of heavy depression, the country was in recession. He was banned from [...]

Accepting Me

I've struggled with my identity within spirituality. With feeling like I don't fit into the 'spiritual' groups & no longer gel with the so called mainstream groups. Feeling isolated within myself. Questioning my grip on reality, or lack thereof. Searching for someone to define things & experiences for me. So often feeling like I'm walking [...]

Power Of Sexuality

 "At it's roots sexuality is innocent. Even more it is absent of any word of judgement. It is pure. It is raw force. This can be exciting, juicy, and life transforming. It can also be scary, daunting, and take you to places you never wanted to go. Fear is an unpredictable foe. It casts out, [...]

Power Of Sound

As with most aspects of my journey. When I began to experience sound coming through me, I went into a tail spin. The sound carried stories, and emotion, and healing. I would have these beautiful melodies coming from my mouth, notes that I did not even think my voice could belt out. It took a [...]

Letter To My Masculine

"I see you my love. Even when my waters rush, and my fires burn. I see you. I witness your fear as you hide me fast away from my desires. I see the boy within you shudder at the thought of your own smallness, and the man on your face who craves so to reach [...]