We are children of divinity

we are literally the offspring of the Creator of worlds and universes

our inheritance is the creative force that runs through all”

I invite you into a world where all of you is welcome to the table

A place with wondrous journeys for you to traverse into the realms of yourself & uncover the divinely human perfection that you are

Stepping into a reality where all parts of yourself have a place, and all have a purpose


The space I provide is an entrance between worlds, where you can bring everything to the table. Together we sift through the shit, figure out what’s ready to go, what can be remolded, and uncover the golden rays of your spirit ready to show themselves!

I’m passionate about supporting you in discovering what is true for you, what feels good for you, what is your vision outside of what anyone else has told you it should be

We are all individual vessels of Creator, and we’re all here in these bodies with our own beautiful flavors and medicine to share. In this world we’re taught to conform, to follow a straight line on a heavily trodden path…If that’s your thing, then walk that path baby!

But if you’re here, you’re hungry for something else, you may not even know what that is. You don’t have to, but I call to you to follow that hunger. That whisper. Calling you to reunite with the eternal song of your spirit once again

To create a life that feeds you, that inspires you, that stokes the flames of magic alive within your world


My greatest power & education has come from living life

I have lived all across the spectrum

From growing up in a broken home sprinkled with alcoholism & racism. Trips to rehab as a teenager

Glorious & glamorous times in the sex industry…Also not so glorious times

Floundering through the first 24 years of my life as an empty shell afraid of my own company, even more terrified to have to be alive and sober

& so much haute n heavy purgatory in between

I have been deep diving into my heart & beautifully depraved & retched soul for the last 5 yrs. Transforming my shadows into my partners in purpose little by little, with the guidance of my family of spirits. Who have shown me capacities of love, I never thought possible

This road of transformation has been a slow unbecoming, and remembrance of the endless ocean of eternity available to each one of us in the gateway of the heart

I’ve been there, I am there, I’m a regular


-Medicine Work w/ My own lineage of Ancestors & collective of Ma’sheba

-Soul Remembering Itself w/ Creation

-Student of The Tantric Institute Of Integrated Sexuality w/ Layla Martin

-Dakini Practitioner w/ Lourdes Starshower & Cathleene Cienfuegos

-Usui & Kundalini Reiki Master

-Initiate of Babaji’s Kriya Tantra Yoga w/ Swami Ayyappa Giri


“Marisha has such a beautiful spirit. She’s a great listener and intuitively knows how to ask the right questions to allow you to find the answers you are seeking. I loved how fully present she is in her session making you feel very comfortable and relaxed.” –Renee Y. Relationship Coach