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noun  Hed·era  \ ˈhedərə \

New Latin, from Latin, ivy;


Welcome to Hedera House!

I’m Marisha your transformation catalyst & muse into your life ON divine purpose. May I be a beacon of permission to have it all!

Hedera House is my swan song, with melodies of what turns me on, and what lights me the fuck up!

If you are longing to step into who you really are

To uncover yourself outside of what you’ve been told

Realign with what you truly desire & what ignites your heart & soul

Crowning YOURSELF Queen – King – Creatrix of your life PERIOD.

Hedera House is for you.

These offerings are a journey of uncovering the master treasure in the underworld of yourself. Reclaiming your primal eternal wild divine self! Where your rooted self empowerment, unending inspiration, and knowing connection to your truth lies. Before the endless layers of conditioning took hold, and reshaped the direction to something in the safe lane.

All parts of yourself have a place, and all have a purpose. I support you in bringing your being into wholeness, in making love with your demons, and repurposing the many parts of yourself into empowerment. So you can walk in embodiment & harmony. This doesn’t mean life is going to be roses and namaste…It means that when you’re in the mud, you will KNOW you have the tools to pull through it!

Everything is SO right, but is it right for you?

In our work together you will be supported in uncovering what your SO RIGHT is, what your truth is, what your unique soul’s imprint has to express and gift into the world.

All offerings I provide carry this seed. A seed of permission to love yourself with all of the vigor you have searched out for another to love you.

To trust your word, your intuition, your wisdom with as much resilience as you have taken in the wisdom of another.

To empower yourself with as much & even more magical life expanding juju than you have gifted and lifted others with.

This is a space to step into yourself. Your whole self.

~ Education ~

My greatest power & education has come from living life. I have lived all across the spectrum. It has been a rocky road. From growing up in a broken home, sprinkled with alcoholism, abuse & multiple stints in rehab as a teenager. In the early half of my 20s my crazy lifestyle cut it a bit too close & I was shaken awake. I literally remembered God in my very cells, and life as I knew it began to crumble. Over the last 4 years I have been deep diving into my very soul. Transforming my shadows into my partners in purpose little by little. Walking a path to nourishing myself where I had been so empty, and coming home. Remembering myself at the core once again. I’ve been there, I am there & I KNOW without a doubt that you have the unbound ability to come home to yourself & remember just how Divine you are.

-Ancestral Medicine Work w/ My own lineage of Ancestors

-Soul Remembering Itself w/ Creation

-Devoted Custodian Of The Goddess

-Student of The Tantric Institute Of Integrated Sexuality w/ Layla Martin

-Dakini Practitioner w/ Lourdes Starshower & Cathleene Cienfuegos

-Usui & Kundalini Reiki Master

-Initiate of Babaji’s Kriya Tantra Yoga w/ Swami Ayyappa Giri


“Marisha has such a beautiful spirit. She’s a great listener and intuitively knows how to ask the right questions to allow you to find the answers you are seeking. I loved how fully present she is in her session making you feel very comfortable and relaxed.” –Renee Y. Relationship Coach

Hedera House is a house of self creation.

A lifestyle of honoring the deep interconnected nature coursing through all things. Celebrating the full spectrum of life.

-Honoring the creative force flowing through all things, coming together where there has been separation.

-Through free celebration of the body we re-enter the original temple. This worship is an ecstatic reverie in existence.

Striving for union of nature within & without. Honoring the cycles of the seasons, the transitions of death & birth, respecting the elements of earth as equally living entities. Taking what is needed with respect, rather than what is wanted out of greed.

Hedera House is a gathering place, and community for women to reclaim their sovereignty and reconnect to the inner elements through ritual. Hedera House is a space to dance once again with the wholeness of your nature.

Loving you wherever you are!

Marisha Anana


“Ivy reminds us of the movement of the heavens and the way this is reflected on earth. It has the ability to bind all things together. It can wander freely, linking tree to tree, or form dense thickets that block out the light and restrict passage. Ivy brings shelter or overwhelming darkness and reminds us that where there is life, there is also death. Ivy represents the wandering of the soul in its search for enlightenment and it carries a warning to be sure of the direction of your desires so that you avoid being ensnared by them. True progress is made, however, when all the lessons of the preceding trees have been linked together with ivy, in such a way that the light can still enter and no limb need break.”                                                                                                                                            Source-http://www.thegoddesstree.com/MotherNature/Ivy.htm