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noun  Hed·era  \ ˈhedərə \

New Latin, from Latin, ivy;


We are children of God, Goddess, Creator, the universal one…Whatever you call this.

We are literally the offspring of the Creator of worlds and universes.

Our inheritance is the creative force that runs through all.

This paradigm, in it’s very design suppresses our memory of what we truly and eternally are.

From the moment we are born we are conditioned against our intrinsic being.

Our right of power.

What are the mythos that have been given to you?

That are in direct opposition to your divinity?

I offer a space to discover the seed of permission to love yourself with all of the vigor you have searched out for another to love you.

To trust your word, your intuition, your wisdom with as much resilience as you have taken in the wisdom of another.

To empower yourself with as much & even more magical life expanding juju than you have gifted and lifted others with.

To return to the inner authority within.

No longer relying on what is told to us, how we are told to be, how we are told things are.

 Questioning, and feeling into the world within us. Cultivating the spirit within to birth it into renewal in our life.

I call this coming back to our divine inheritance. I believe, I know that we are divinity in form. To return to this is to come back to our power. 


My journey to this space has been life long, lifetimes long, and is ever expanding. From childhood I was curious about the why of life, always searching for God in everything.

The world didn’t make sense to me, the way things were didn’t work for me. I’ve spent most of my life feeling like an outsider, feeling unable to cope with society.

Up until my early twenties I tried everything to avoid myself in the world.

Diving into a marriage overseas, partying like it was my job, throwing any drug that promised to numb me into my system, and attaching myself to men that didn’t want or expect me to really show up outside of smiling and being pretty. I’ve dabbled in ust about every vice available to numb my spirit.

Through all of this my spirit broke through, and broke me on a journey back home to myself, and that has been my central focus ever since.

Can I say that I now feel I belong 100%…no, I don’t have that story.

What I can say is that I do not feel fully belonging in this world, and I show up with myself anyway. 

I can say that I feel like an outsider more than I feel a part of the tribe, but I bring myself anyway. More and more each moment.

For so long all I wanted was to hide myself, and be seen as something people understood and liked. I learned that the people I had around me that ‘liked’ me, liked my mask. They were always at arms length from really connecting with me, as me wasn’t on the table. 

In this chapter, I am not so concerned with what I’m seen as. As much as I am hyper focussed on lovin on, and meeting the full spectrum of myself. If I don’t vibe with someone, it doesn’t mean the earth shatters like it once did. It just means I don’t vibe with someone, and that happens. 

This is an ongoing unfolding, one that I am in the juiciest and wildest of love affairs with. It is my art, my lover, my passion, my mission, my dreams, and my reality.

I invite you into my world, a place where all of you is welcome to the table.

A place with toys, and wondrous journeys for you to traverse into the realms of yourself & uncover the divinely human perfection that you are.

Stepping into a reality where all parts of yourself have a place, and all have a purpose. Realigning with what you truly desire & what ignites your heart & soul.

Love like a house on fire and a spark in the stars,

Marisha An


~ Education ~

My greatest power & education has come from living life. I have lived all across the spectrum. It has been a rocky road.

I have been deep diving into my very soul. Transforming my shadows into my partners in purpose little by little.

Walking a path to nourishing myself where I had been so empty, and coming home. Remembering myself at the core once again. I’ve been there, I am there & I KNOW without a doubt that you have the unbound ability to come home to yourself & remember just how Divine you are.

-Ancestral Medicine Work w/ My own lineage of Ancestors

-Soul Remembering Itself w/ Creation

-Devoted Custodian Of The Goddess

-Student of The Tantric Institute Of Integrated Sexuality w/ Layla Martin

-Dakini Practitioner w/ Lourdes Starshower & Cathleene Cienfuegos

-Usui & Kundalini Reiki Master

-Initiate of Babaji’s Kriya Tantra Yoga w/ Swami Ayyappa Giri


“Marisha has such a beautiful spirit. She’s a great listener and intuitively knows how to ask the right questions to allow you to find the answers you are seeking. I loved how fully present she is in her session making you feel very comfortable and relaxed.” –Renee Y. Relationship Coach