It’s You

For so long we have been living in a reality that lives and works by one chosen lens. One way that presides over all others. There is one chosen one, one savior, one religion, one uniform way, one partner, one life.

How limiting!

Also fucking hell? How much pressure for that one.

Imagine if we shifted into a lens of community, of connection. Yes I know, we connect all the time. We have social media, you can fly half way across the world in 12 hours. We’re so connected that a deadly virus could wipe us all out in days!! Maybe I’m being dramatic…but you get what I’m trying to say.

Our world is ‘connected’.

…but are we?

The world I am experiencing is one of utilizing connection, rather than being connected. This actually isn’t even the point of my writing, but I’ll keep it in here because it’s another topic that I feel deeply.

Back to shifting the lens to community. Community as a web of being. Each strand along the web just as important to the whole as another strand. Each one an intricate part of the purpose of the web as a whole.

This is where my heart is dancing today. In a calling upon of that unique spark longing to be set free within each one of us. That flame undying deep within.

I want to tell you that you are the savior of the planet, of man kind, of humanity, of creation.

You are the light of the world.

You have been twisting and turning through lifetimes of experience to get to this point right here.

To stand up in what you carry at this moment.

To be as you are now. Giving yourself permission to be as seemingly fucked up, guilty, broken, blissful, excited, turned the fuck on, what ever, as you are. Is to pass on the flame of permission to another. Is to ignite the flame of permission throughout your very cells. I am.

& as I am is the very creative force of the universe. The force of age old question and mystery, formed into being. You are literally the answer to what ALL seek to know. You are the gateway of all being, and the birthing of time in each moment that YOU ARE!

I’m a little out of breath just writing that!

How endlessly epic is that? How completely beyond compare!

So I call to you today. I pass on the flame of permission. To be where you are. To be as you are. To allow the mythos of YOU, to play along the grand stage.

Take a moment today to feel yourself.

What is the thing that is alive in you right now, that is calling for expression and attention right now?

That thing that you are saying later to…

Not right now to…

This isn’t the right time to…

How can you open space for expression of this, right now?

How can you intertwine your fingertips with this throughout your day today?

If you want to say “fuck you” to your boss…

Rather than this sentiment weighing down on you, and creating heavy stagnant stories within you

Shadows of I’m stuck…I couldn’t ever say that…This job fucking sucks, I have no other options…

How can you harness this essence within you to feed your own empowerment, to hold your head up high.

How can you allow this desire of potent expression, of FUCK YOU to radiate through your heart & power up your stance, your tone, your frequency.

Can you feel into what this ‘Fuck you’ is carrying?

Whats behind it?

Are you in a job you hate?

Do you have poor boundaries with your boss?

Are you overworked & just need a break?

Do you just need a good scream in the park?

Do it!

See it!

How can you shift it, just a little. Now!

It is so amazing…

When we allow ourselves the freedom to be, and gift ourselves with space to express…

Rather than pushing and shoving it down…

We begin to uncover what we REALLY desire.

As we discover what we really desire…

We unlock the ability to send a wishlist to the universe rather than a doom and gloom dissatisfaction list…

Yes girl, thats whats being sent on up to the God womb the majority of the time…

When we step into our desires our list shifts from a

“I want everything I hate, I want what brings me dissatisfaction, I want to continue to feel like a fucking melting ice cream cone with a bad case of ‘Is that frizz or a rats nest on her head’ list”

To a…

“I fucking desire abundant prosperous sexy lit as fuck experiences, I deserve to feel like Oprah and a victoria’s secret model had a baby and that baby was me, and I’m a Queen with amazing hair and fucking BANK! list”

You in fulfillment of your desires is the saving grace of your world…

It is the saving grace of mine.

Remember that you are a child, a spark, an expression of the creative force of the fucking universe!

Step up!

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Embody it.

Not next week, not next quarter or when you lose that last few pounds. Now.

The smallest action now can affect ripples across the galaxies.

Remember your power!

I love you,

Marisha Anana

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