Burning In A Sleepless Night

“A wild woman inside of a pastry shell

Inside of strawberry jam

Sweet as a button, but it never lasts

She is what she’s supposed to be

She steps into line, because she can’t fathom her own demise

I write because I don’t have the words

I spell it out because I can’t grasp myself any other way

I smile when they make a joke, and it’s getting old

Am I destined to be alone

Because the old charms aren’t reeling them in like they used to

I want to be a picture, but I’m becoming a reflection

Hollow, and bound to expiration as the wind blows

I met a ghost, and he told me the tides change but they are still bound to the same waters

I want to find a home that is like the last

I want to fit in with the distant past

Always looking back at the wastelands, and forgetting

Unfolding in an endless dark night

What must I leave behind, she asks as she grips onto herself

White knuckles turn to snow, under an endless sky of eternity

Alive, but un living

Pulled far outside of time, yet I tie a lone thread around my neck just to stay connected to the ticking of the clock

Just to feel the rugged sands slowly slice my skin

I want to be in love like the girl in the movies

I want to scream into the winds as the ocean sweeps me away

I want to disappear into the roots, and become the soil

The sun keeps calling me, but I’m afraid that I’ll be burned to nothing.”

~Marisha Anana


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