Power Of Sound

As with most aspects of my journey. When I began to experience sound coming through me, I went into a tail spin. The sound carried stories, and emotion, and healing. I would have these beautiful melodies coming from my mouth, notes that I did not even think my voice could belt out. It took a lot of work, and self discovery to be able to consciously allow this sound to flow as it desired.

 The mind creates stories around so many of our experiences.

 Stories of fear, and shame. Fear that you will be cast out of the world for being different, for expressing things that are not widely understood. This was my first reaction to what I can now see as a beautiful aspect of what makes me, me.

​Sound is all around us, it is always happening.

 In my experience (I wonder if there has been a study on this!) There’s a study on everything! Anyways I have experienced that even what we call silence has a sound. Sound is the tool that God uses in the bible. The word that unfolded creation. We speak love, we speak hate, we speak inspiration. Words shape our upcoming generations of leaders, and society members.


Words tear us down into deep depressions, and worse. Sounds uplift us, or soothe us in our favorite songs.

​Sound is a vibration.Our entire perceivable world is made up of varying levels and frequencies of vibration. Sound creates, sound destroys. Such is nature. A seemingly endless cycle of birth, death, rebirth. Sound healing utilizes the varying frequency, and vibration created by sound to effect healing.

 There is a well known doctor by the name of Dr. Emoto, who conducted research on sound. He captured images of water molecules, with varying frequencies of sound. He captured molecules that received sounds of love, sounds of hate, sounds of reinforcement. What he captured was that the molecules that received so called positive sound danced into beautiful geometrical shapes. The molecules that received so called negative sound contorted into misshapen dark shapes.

 Is it in anyway surprising?

​What happens to a kid that receives encouragement, and love? Versus a kid that receives judgement, and is discouraged from being their natural self?

 Think about it!

 If this turned your mind on, schedule a Song of Spirit session today!


Marisha Anana

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