Power Of Sexuality

 “At it’s roots sexuality is innocent. Even more it is absent of any word of judgement. It is pure. It is raw force. This can be exciting, juicy, and life transforming. It can also be scary, daunting, and take you to places you never wanted to go. Fear is an unpredictable foe. It casts out, it projects horror stories and encases its enemies, it kills. Sexual energy gives birth, it creates, it transforms which can be seen as a chaotic destruction, it awakens, it connects, it holds no prisoners. Sexual energy holds the gentle hands of intimacy, with a lover. With your mother. Sexual energy is so much more than a quick fuck. It is pure force that can be experience alone, clothed, and in deep stillness. Sexual energy is in the arts, in the stars, it is rushing through our blood, it is the bond of family. Sexual energy is a conduit to the ancestors, to the ancient records. It is nature. It is your nature. Your pure, unlabeled, as you fucking are nature.”


Marisha Anana

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