Letter To My Masculine

“I see you my love.

Even when my waters rush, and my fires burn.

I see you.

I witness your fear as you hide me fast away from my desires.

I see the boy within you shudder at the thought of your own smallness, and the man on your face who craves so to reach heights but never fall.

I want it all, none can escape me.

Let me fall, and rise equally to the lengths of the skies

 Do not fear the world, become it my love.

I hold you, as we are one.

Let us be one again.

When I cry, and when I bleed.

Dear one you do not need to save me.

Hold me if you must, bathe me so that I may release all that doesn’t serve me.

In the dirt and when I’m clean I am still one with you.

Love me still.

Do not regret your heart calling to me.

Please just to appease my dreams may you celebrate me.

All of me.

As I am.

As I dance naked beneath the stars, and sing joy unto the sun.

Worship me, as I so fully worship you.

Your altar is full over with my fruits.

I ask only that you see me in the moonlight.

See me in forever and outside of time.

Know that I do not belong to you nor are you mine.

We can come together, and grow.

Though if you continue to hold me.

I shall wither and die.

The beauty you seek to lead in me will dull, fade and fill with sorrow.

I will be in an extended state of mourning as my radiance flows from me as the rain flows from the clouds.

The luster and shake that filled your altar will be as a ghost haunting your tongue with a horrid taste.

My one, my twin.

Do not fear me, do not seek to hold me in gilded cages for causes of my safety.

I cannot die, harm is for the mortal. I am a house holding the ages and beyond.

I cannot be no more, nor will I seek to consume you.

I want to feel my fingers clasp yours, and touch against your strong hands.

I want to fall into the hard valley of your chest, my breast heaving as my breath is caught after a frenzy of dance.

I seek to be in union.

May we be one.

I lay my deepest longings beside you.

I have walked through the desert on my own.

I have lost myself many times, and find myself again beside you.

I must reveal that I believed I needed your walls.

I was bereft of strength at the thought of the monster unleashing inside me.

This hunger to be alive.

My desire and longing for existence to be and become no more.

May it again.

It excited me.

I am a child full of joy being held by a woman of the deepest seas.

I do not need you, just as a man doesn’t need to eat or drink. He can rather to starve and thirst until he meets the halls and walk in the wind for many days.

I have been living in shadows for eons, and crave to see the sun.

I no longer pledge to sleep in shackles for fear that I will become the world none.

I am of freedom, I reclaim myself as sovereign.

I sing at the thought that you would join me, though no tear shall shed if you stay your place.

Know that your prisons are now empty, and your bounty bare.

As I lay my feet to ground and make distance from the iron gates within and ignited without.

Let me fall in rising, just as the sun meets all horizons.

I say goodbye, or greet you with loving.

It is your place that you rely.

Where I stand tomorrow no one can say words, but I know where to find you if with me you do not surge.

My love I no longer shut my eyes, and no longer do I fear the forest cries.

I become the dead, and dance across the living.

Blood rushed and pours, as I meet the willing with an open hand.

I step down to myself now as I rise into my splendor.

I would not be against the thought of you joining, but know you will stand beside me.

Not ever again will you

become me, nor I you.

We are one, or we walk our own ways.”

With love I rise pure of heart,

A Sovereign Woman

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