To follow that whisper deep within your heart…

Writhing in longing for you to remember what you are…

You are the flame in the night, and you are the darkness. You are the sun in the sky, and ever the soil.

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In Love

Marisha An

Work With Me

60 min Coaching Exploration $333 – Together we will explore the hidden patterns & programs that are creating resistance to your desired life experience. Clearing mind set, and body programming to uncover the wisdom waiting to be harnessed just below the surface. This is a full body cathartic reset, and recalibration

90 min Rebirth $444 – A guided trance through breath work. Enabling you to get to the roots, and create a state of union. If you have been longing to peel back layers of long held pain, trauma, and imbalance this is a powerful tool to allow you to go deep below the surface and light the way for that which has been so long in the dark

If you feel called to working with me on a 1:1 basis – Email me directly.

Love always

Marisha An