“Hedera House is a world to rebirth yourself in your own image. Through the tools inherent in the body…Breathwork, guided meditation, cathartic release…I guide you into releasing what you have been told to be, and uncover what your deepest heart’s desires are calling you to step into. I utilize practices rooted in the Tantras, modern coaching & ancestral medicine to empower you to claim the throne of your experience & unfold a pleasure-feuled life on your terms.”


Still yourself, just for a moment…Do you feel that stirring, that call deep within you…Reminding you that there IS more…

That you hold a magic inside of you that is capable of moving mountains & birthing worlds…

Do you remember?

It’s time to come home

To You.

I offer events, 1 on 1 journeys, & content to teach you the tools that are already within you to create lasting transformation & empowerment.

We sink in deep, and listen to the ageless secrets of your body & spirit. Calling you to your life in pleasure, in ecstasy, in harmony.

Writhing in longing for you to remember what you are. You are the flame in the night, and you are the darkness. You are the sun in the sky, and ever the soil.

My passion is to hold a space for you to marry with the full spectrum of yourself, and realize freedom. To realize that your greatest desires are yours to grasp and birth forth from you. Most of all to give yourself permission to have it ALL!

Love so fully,

Marisha An

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My gift to you

Reclaim the Divine Creatrix you truly are…

Step into the world nourished by your desires…

& walk a path that serves you…

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Your blood carries the mysteries of creation

Your cycle is a reflection of the seasons of the earth & the cycles of the moon

Follow the call to empower your body & peel back the shame for yourself and our collective